How to Become a Good Book Reviewer

Online book review writing is gaining immense popularity these days. Authors keen to make their books popular are also hiring the services of reputed copywriting firms to get enticing online reviews of their texts. Just as a company through blog writing and posting, website content writing and E book writing increases their brand visibility, or makes a particular product or service popular among target readers, similarly good book reviews can make any text popular among its readers. Interestingly, you do not require too many degrees to become a good reviewer. But, you must have good command over the English and know how to express yourself clearly. You need to be creative and descriptive while expressing your opinion. You should have a professional attitude as well. The book evaluation should not be based on your preferences only, but should consider the target audience as well. To put it in simple words, you need to have a balanced view while engaging into review writing.

You can start reviewing a book in many ways. You can write reviews and post them at Barnes & Noble or Amazon, or you can also sign in to You can also resort to website content writing or blog writing and posting for this purpose. That means you can set up your own website or blog and post your reviews there. If you really want to take this seriously, you must begin writing reviews for a well-known publication or sites rendering online book review services.Sites like Feathered Quill Reviews, Reader Views, and Review the Book have professional review teams. Many of these review services allow readers to select the texts they would like to evaluate. Some of these book review services offer money as well for reviewing texts.

As a reviewer you need to understand your knack and find your niche as well. When you are into review writing, you need to know the type of books you would like to evaluate and the kind of texts you can evaluate well. For instance, you may have a knack for reviewing romance novels or thrillers. So it is always better to evaluate these kinds of books. There are several reviewers and bloggers who solely focus on a particular genre.

When you engage yourself in review writing, you would probably have to evaluate few books for free to build up your credentials. But once you gain popularity, you can charge money for your services that is you can join authors’ organizations and earn money for reviewing different books.

Isn’t It Easy To Become a Book Reviewer?

You think it is easy to become a book reviewer? Think again. You are right when you say that anyone with a pen can become a book reviewer, but it doesn’t matter if no one reads what you write. And if you are writing on your own blog it is going to feel like you are writing to absolutely no one for a very long time unless you have some idea of the proper way to become a book reviewer. You need to think of four things: a place, to read, to write, and to promote.

Find an Outlet

Where are you going to write that it matters? Or even if it doesn’t matter, where people will read it. Nothing is more frustrating than writing perfectly entertaining reviews than to have not one person read them. You need to find the best place to share your info.

There are hundreds of places to share your info. The easiest are the free blogging sites like:,,, and many more. These are great for beginners, but you aren’t going to be great with these.

You need your own platform. I always recommend (not, they are different). This requires some investment, but lets you create a custom site that is exactly what you need. You can work with SEO on the site and have it ready to make some awesome content that is easy to share. It also lets you own the URL giving you control. Don’t let someone else control your writing since it belongs in your hands (even if you accidentally delete it).

Otherwise, you can ask other blogs to be part of their site to contribute. I think it is better to have a place all to your own though.


Read the books you love and read only the ones you want. Be picky, be a jerk, be what you want. Don’t just take anything people throw at you. Discriminate so you can write better. Choose what you want. It is so important to be passionate about the book you chose even if you hate it after. Good writing starts with a good book or terrible book you expected to be good.


Write well and write interesting. Nothing is worse than a point by point style of a review (sometimes it is nice to see at the bottom as a summary though). You need to engage the reader with your words and make them see your point. Not only understand it, but feel your feelings. You have to realize you are affecting their buying decision and you want to convince them. Not only is convincing them what you set out to do when you become a book reviewer, but it is what they expect. If you don’t try to convince them to buy or not to buy they will be disappointed. And you will be disappointed by the lack of people reading you blog.


To become a book reviewer you need readers. So you need to promote your blog. Don’t worry too much, but do it every day. A little everyday goes farther than anything else. Once promotional effort a day is better than nothing.

Twitter: Do it once a day. Use hash tags, for example: #bookreviews #fiction #fantasyreview @author’s name

Facebook: Write something about books every day. Tell your friends, share a review with a specific friend, start a Facebook page.

Other Blogs: Write comments on the same book you reviewed, build a relationship, argue, ask for a link from their site.

SEO: Learn about SEO and ensure your reviews adhere to it since it will help at some point in the future.