What Readers Look For in Book Reviews

A book review lets a reader know if the writing is worth reading. It can draw the reader into the world that the author has created and leave him or her hungering for more. A book review should tell the reader a bit about the book, the basic premise, the gist of the plot and the positive aspects of reading the work. It should not reveal the entire plot to the reader, but should leave the reader wanting to read more. Good book reviews are written by professional book reviewers and are used to sell books.

Whereas an author who has several bestsellers under his or her belt will not have a hard time finding a book reviewer for their work, a new author who is perhaps self publishing his or her novel may have a difficult time getting book reviewers to take notice of their novel. This is much to the chagrin of the new authors who really want to get their work noticed and know that book reviews are the way to do this. In such cases, authors often pay a book review service for reviews.

A book review company can process book reviews for authors that are professionally written and tell the public what they want to know regarding the work. Unless they are written by fellow authors, which they seldom are, book reviews are anonymous. People do not read the name of the book reviewer, but the writing itself to see if the book is something that they will want to read. While there are a few authors who have a following and are assured to get readers no matter what type of book they publish, most have to work for readers. The best part about getting a book review for your writing is that no one cares who wrote the review. In these cases, people will be more inclined to pay attention to what the review actually says, rather than who did the writing.

A good book review should discuss the merits of the book, give a basic outline as to what the book is about and talk about the characters and writing style. It should not give away the entire plot, or the twists and turns, if any. This is for the reader to discover. Good book reviewers can be found working freelance as well as for major magazines and newspapers. Most people do not pay attention to the name of the reviewers, but do read the notices. If the book reviews seem encouraging and of interest to the readers, they are more inclined to buy the work. For this reason, it is in the best interest of any author to get as many book reviews published of their work as possible. Readers look for book reviews to tell them if the book is worth reading. If they feel that it is, they will then buy the book.